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Investment Group


Investor Realty Consultants (“IRC”) is a real estate investment and development consulting firm. IRC does not make real estate investments for its own account. We do not compete with our clients. We are conflict free.


Our clients are family offices, smaller institution, private equity funds and high net worth individuals, whose capital commitments in real estate does not justify the cost of a full time, in-house staff.


We provide personalized "hands on" consulting that comes from decades of real estate investment and development experience. IRC has a considerable track record in all of phases of the investment and development process and undertake a select few assignments at any one time.​


We help clients develop real estate investment strategies that meet their overall goals and risk profile given current market conditions. ​​ On behalf of our clients, we seek and originate real estate investment opportunities according to the clients’ risk profile and investment goals. Investments range from existing income producing properties, green-field development to acquisition of partnership interest in new projects or existing properties. 

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